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Using QR codes to boost Upsell in your hotel

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As the amount of information in the world is growing every day, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the necessary details at the right time. That’s why technologies, which allow access to information 24/7 come to the rescue. QR codes can be found everywhere nowadays: on websites, packaging, business cards, marketing, restaurants, in the streets and in print media. 

Touchless (or contactless) technology had already been growing in popularity prior to the pandemic, but quickly became a hotel “must-have” as health considerations dominated operations during COVID. Even after other aspects of hotel operations returned to ‘normal’, touchless technology remains a key tool for re-building confidence with guests.

QR codes in hotels

Guests are looking for having more control over their own experiences
and want hotels to provide a simple, yet functional digital solution that meets them halfway.

Also, the guests expectations have risen significantly over the years. They expect hotels and their staff to handle their requests quickly, regardless of the contact method.

QR codes in hotel
Digital upsell

The QR code became the silent hero of pandemic operations as the perfect means for social distancing and ensuring health and safety. It is worth mentioning that implementing something so easy as QR codes in your hotel has one giant side benefit: ordering made easier can lead to larger check averages.

Technologies such as QR codes are also very useful in case you have less staff in your post-pandemic operation than you did before, find difficulty maintaining staffing levels to service standards, or simply work on maximum efficiency within your facility.

Answer your guests’ questions before they even ask

Easy, peasy with the QR technology.

Print a pdf with a unique QR code (generated by MyStay) that contains information about hotel rules and amenities and place it on reception. By scanning it, the guest will immediately know your check-out and breakfast time, cleaning policy or minibar prices. Basically, instead of taking a paper with all this information (that will definitely end up in a bin) or asking a receptionist again and again, your will have everything available to him at the tip of his fingers at all times.

QR codes in hotel
Digital information

Placing your QR codes strategically around your facility, around the lobby area, by the reception, into the elevators, in the rooms allows your guests to access information 24/7 without any additional effort.

Not only guests highly appreciate this convenience, it also leads to increased interest in what exactly your hotel has to offer. And increased income 🤫

QR code in hotel
Digital upsell

Check- in made easy with QR codes

The front desk has always been a pain point for guests. Given COVID protocols, guests are now accustomed to checking in and out without speaking to someone. This guest expectation is also helpful with managing your labor costs in an uncertain environment.

Not all of your guests will use the option to check-in online before they arrive. Making sure you still offer this option for them will again score you some bonus points. Remember, online check-in increases your chances of additional service orders by 224%.

The perfect tool for upsell

The switch to an automated upsell provides a 24/7 access to all information and a smart catalogue with personalized offers. It allows for a non-intrusive way of selling additional services, and guests do actually highly appreciate the extra level of comfort and thoughtfulness on the side of the hotel.

This also means no more going around rooms and distributing materials, no more manual updating, no more useless printing and paper waste.

The hotel prepares the basic content (special deals, offers, services) in 30 minutes. Pre-made MyStay templates are also available and they can help significantly – the hotel can either use only those, or edit them, or start completely anew. Custom branding is available, too.

The hotel staff can then distribute the QR codes and tablets wherever they like within their facilities. At the reception area, in the lobby, at the restaurant and/or in the rooms. 

QR codes in hotel - Special occasion
Digital upsell

Once this is done, the guests can use the tablets or scan the QR code 24/7 during their stay. The guests can find all their information online, they can book any offer or service they like anytime, anywhere.

It is the perfect solution to stay in touch with guests 24/7 and reach them with upsell offers without staff involvement.

QR codes in hotel - Late check-out
Digital upsell

Promote your services

Which of your services would you like to bring the most attention to? Late checkout? Wellness? Room service? By placing a QR code for a specific service directly in the room you pave a way for the customer to make a quick purchase.

Moreover, you can change the codes according to the purpose of your guest’s stay. Transfer for a business traveler, a bottle of champagne for a couple or a late checkout for a group of friends.

Most of the smartphones are equipped with scanners and hundreds of guests globally are already appreciating this technology through MyStay.

Touchless technology is here to stay.

It gives guests more control over their experience, while also being more convenient for everyone. Forget the old-school printed offers! Get an interactive promotion that will increase your revenue during the stay. MyStay QR code is a simple instrument to promote your services with the possibility for your guests to order anything from their room.

The whole MyStay Upsell package combines the power of Web App upsell with MyStay QR and In-room tablets.

It is up to the hotel manager can pick and choose whichever approach fits their hotel the best. All three features, the combination of two of them or just one. No integration to your hotels’ PMS needed.

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