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8 Reasons why Hotels should offer an Online Check-in

MyStay editorial staff 6 minute read

Have you ever thought about the fact that implementing modern technology shouldn’t only be about the necessity to keep up?

First of all you should always consider how it allows you to serve your guests better and consequently helps you and your business.

In the light of the recent pandemic, we can all agree that the next normal is going to be different. It will not mean going back to the conditions that prevailed in 2019, things have evolved and the current crises uncovered not only the weak spots but also various opportunities ahead of us.  

Looking at the trends in hospitality, a new wave of travel is expected. The circumstances will change however- health and safety will become the priority no. 1. There will also be a bigger focus on privacy, surge of domestic travel (due to border restrictions), longer and remote work stays.

Recognizing that contactless is the preferred mode going forward, more and more hotels are looking into digitizing, automating and optimizing their guest journey. And here are 8 reasons why you should too.

1. Health and safety

We had to start with the obvious one.

At the moment the number one reason to implement online check-in, of course, is to limit the unnecessary person-to-person interaction. One single positive COVID case can cause your hotel to shut down. This can also put all of your guests and staff at risk. Would be a shame, wouldn’t it?

With online check-in you cannot completely avoid the issue, however as a precaution it can work wonders in many ways. Not to mention it can actually give you a competitive advantage since offering contactless access may be a contributing factor when deciding to book a stay.

2. An amazing start of the guest journey

If you are using online check-in in your facility, the first logical thing to do after you receive a reservation is to start engaging with your guests by sending a pre-arrival email. 

Providing them with all the details about the (online) check-in and information they will need in order to get to your hotel, park their car if they use one, or about the current health and safety protocol at your hotel makes them feel that you care and sets the tone for the rest of their stay.

3. It’s a matter of giving your guests a choice

Did you know that currently more than 85% of the guests ask for an online check-in and limited in person service to make them feel safe? 

Offering contactless access into and out of your facility is one of the best ways to ensure increased guest satisfaction.

At the moment giving your guests the option to check-in and check-out in the manner they prefer, serves an important purpose and will continue to do so even after COVID issues subside.

Every single guest comes to the hotel with a plan or a goal. For this reason, guests do not want to devote their time and energy to things, which could have been done  from the comfort of home via their mobile phone, tablet or even PC. 

4. Reduce queues, keep your guests happy

“I absolutely love queuing at hotel reception to fill-in my papers!” Said no guests ever. 

Your guests might have spent many hours in airplanes, trains, or cars to arrive at your property. Arriving at the hotel and spending another hour waiting in line in order to do something they could have done online might come to them as annoying, inconsiderate, and start off your “relationship” on the wrong foot.

5. Gives your receptionist the time and space to provide an outstanding hospitality

Imagine the same scenario from the previous paragraph but from the viewpoint of your receptionist. The lobby is full, the guests are getting impatient. There isn’t much space to actually create any relationship with guests. No space to find out their preferences. No space to talk about all the amenities or special offers provided by your facility or third parties.

Data from our current clients show that online check-in can reduce check-in times by 70%.

This allows your staff to serve your guests in a meaningful way, focusing on higher-level interactions and improving customer relationships. Online check-in creates more time to understand guests’ expectations and personal needs.

6. An incredibly easy way to keep your guests updated at all times

The mobile check-in includes an automated communication feature. You will be able to send over any new COVID rules and regulations to their guests, as well as any other important information on the hotel and its services, including things such as check-out time, cleaning schedules, hours for the pool and gym, and a link to their room service menu.

Thanks to automated communication you can keep in touch with your guests at all times from the start to the very end of their stay, or even long after that.

7. It brings efficiency into hotels operations

Your staff already has so many tasks to deal with daily. 

Online check-in brings efficiency by saving time, streamlining and transforming old manual tasks and allows them to focus on other hotel tasks and issues, creating a better experience for your guests and positively impacting your day-to-day business.

8.  Data collection, guaranteed increased ROI

A tool such as MyStay check-in tool allows you to collect data including guest preferences ahead of time [before you are able to meet them in person], meaning that you can start using the data straight away by offering add-ons automatically based on their needs or wants. 

According to research, guests are more likely to book any additional services the closer they come to the arrival date. Very early on after booking the stay, they may not know yet what their actual plans will be.

By using the contactless check-in as a new channel to showcase your add-ons, such as room service, spa offerings or any third party services. Your guests can purchase a range of options to upgrade their stay, helping to increase the revenue for your hotel at the same time.

You are also able to collect and use the data for future incentives, send review requests or launch re-marketing campaigns.

To elaborate on this topic further we have created a case study: Slash reception costs by up to 85% without firing your receptionist. It’s full of numbers and interesting information, based on our actual clients and their results.