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Go contactless in 2021

Welcome your guests back safely with the Contactless Kit from MyStay and apaleo

The Contactless Kit Includes:

✔ Check-In   ✔ Communication   ✔ Information   ✔ Upsell   ✔ Check-out

Exclusive Pricing Plans:

Occupancy Rate <50%
0.33€ / reservation
mystay only*
No costs during closures!

Occupancy Rate >50%
7€ room / month
mystay + apaleo
Simple Billing!

No integration feed // No setup fees // No long-term contracts
*plus apaleo’s monthly room / price

Go live in less than 1 week

Sample timeline

  • Fill in the form [1 min]
  • Await login details [within 24 hrs]
  • Setup your profile [30+ min]
  • Watch video workshop [15 min]
  • Upload your first guests [5 min]

  • Create your account [instant]
  • Add inventory [30 minutes*]
  • Setup room rates [60 minutes*]
  • Add/import reservation data* [service turnaround 24 hours]
  • Connect to MyStay [<1 min]

*estimation based on standard setup

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Go contactless in 2021 to win the trust of your guests

Digitize now, make your reception completely contactless, and win your guests’ trust in 2021. MyStay and apaleo created the “Contactless Kit” just for you. MyStay’s guest engagement tool powered by apaleo’s cloud platform lets you handle front desk tasks online & efficiently. Together, the bundle caters to the entire guest journey from pre-arrival communication & check-in through room & concierge service to check-out. The fully integrated bundle allows you to handle everything contactlessly using a web platform (reception tool). Save precious time, increase your revenue and make your guests safe. Join the age of contactless experiences and never look back.  





Hotel customers say

Jan Lauterkranz, General Manage, OREA Resort Horizont

“MyStay is a product that really helps! It is not only about online check-in, but also about offering other hotel services before the arrival and during the stay. Guests who fill out online registration cards via MyStay praise the speed of check-in at the reception. No unnecessary administration and receptionists can pay more attention to the guests.”

Alexander Herald, Project Manager, The Bricks Hotels

“As a new hotel, […] we wanted a core system that would allow us to connect innovative tools to impress and delight our guests throughout every interaction with our brand. After some research, it became clear that apaleo was the partner for the job.”

Ondrej Matiasek, Manager, Hotel Olsanka

“MyStay is a great help in communication between the hotel and its guests. It allows us not only to offer guests a modern interactive platform but also a tool through which we can present various hotel services and therefore increase our revenue.”

Denis Mair, COO, MA Micro-Apartment Hotels

“apaleo’s system is ideal because it can be adapted to the new demands of guests in a very short time. Not only is apaleo incredibly flexible, but the entire system is also so easy to use that staff can be trained and working with the system immediately.”

Lubomir Zidzik, Marketing Manager, Hotel Crocus

“We like the most the presentation of hotel services. Guests know what we offer and don´t ask for everthing on reception.”

Hannibal DuMont Schütte, STAYERY

“apaleo is also the only provider that doesn’t charge exorbitant setup and integration fees, saving us on costs which we can pass back to our guests vis-à-vis highly competitive room prices.”

Contactless Communication

Create and automatically send to your guests messages with information about the stay, your internal processes and the hygienic measures, and your services before arrival, during stay and after departure.  

Contactless Check-in

Obtain a digitally processed and signed PDF registration form that meets all legal requirements before arrival of your guests. Verify the identity of your guest online without any physical contact, or having guests at the reception. Before arrival the guest receives an email with a link to the registration form, which will be digitally filled and personally signed by the guest. All completed forms can be stored in digital form or print.

If the payment is not done online, the guest will only make payment at reception. Hotel keys can be left in locked boxes and the PIN can be sent to the guest in advance via MyStay.

Contactless Information

Answer all common guests questions about Wifi information, payment options, arrival and departure times, breakfast, restaurant opening hours or COVID-19 related policy. Put together the most frequently asked questions, so the guest doesn’t have to go to the reception. The content is fully editable.

Instead of paper maps use the online map with editable pins. It allows the guest to track information by themselves and you will not need to print any paper instructions.

Contactless Up-sell

Even with a smaller number of guests you can still MAXIMIZE our revenue from each of them.

Offer and directly sell:

  • transfer
  • room upgrade
  • parking spots
  • breakfast and other room service
  • outdoor activity
  • bike rental
  • late check-out

Guests can find a service according to their preferences, including the price and necessary information. They order or request the booking of the service via your guest web. Then you will receive a notification, so you can manage the order.

Contactless Check-out

Get information from your guest about minibar consumption, payment method, and invoice details. Let them review, accept or divide the bill. After check-out, instead of paper invoices, you can automatically send an invoice by email according to the guest’s preferences.

All of this is happening online! Guests can access it from the comfort of their hotel room and without waiting at the reception.

Apaleo Property Management System’s will allow you to “STAFF GET”

  • Flexible inventory
  • Reservation management
  • Rate plan allocation
  • Accounting and invoicing
  • Automation functionality
  • Individual & multi property setup
  • App store

MyStay guest facing will help you to “GUESTS GET:”

  • SMS & Email templates
  • Check-in registration
  • Online payment
  • E-keys
  • Up-selling hotel services
  • Guest preferences
  • Check-out
  • Light Check-in/out kiosk

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