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5 tips on how to stand out from your competitors

MyStay editorial staff 4 minute read

It is not a secret that our mission is to create happy guests and happy hoteliers as well. We thought it might be beneficial to inspire you on how to achieve this win-win relationship (not just with us), so we wrote down the best tips we learn along the way of cooperation with our clients. There are several stages travelers undergo when they choose to go somewhere:

1. Inspiration

At this stage, your potential guests are choosing where to go on holiday, or are researching the best place to stay for their business trips. The majority of them have never been to your city and may be searching for others, too. Think of Budapest vs. Prague: for a weekend off, they don’t really care where they will go, so they need a little „push” to choose you.

There are a million reasons why people travel, but be sure they are looking for a comfortable bed and some unforgettable experiences. You can use your online presence to persuade travelers that your place is the one to come. Be it because of a unique aquarium, temporary exhibition, delicious gastronomy or the legendary views. Show it all off – try to answer the guest’s question „why”. Even if they did not ask.

2. Decision time

Once convinced where to go, the guest is now researching possibilities. 93 % of them are looking for references, be it Booking, Expedia, TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook or any other.

The most important part is to take good care of all your reviews, the good and the bad. Problems may arise, but it is your attitude to solve them that have the final effect. Be honest, transparent and welcoming. Emphasize on the exclusive things you offer.

Did you know that only 3 % of hotels mention the quality of their beds and mattresses in their listings? Fill the gap!

3. Reservation

You almost have them, they clicked on your property and want to stay. Now it is crucial to make the process smooth and comfortable for anyone. Not everyone is using computers daily, so the reservation must be foolproof.

The easier it is to create the reservation, the better the chances are that the website visitors will become your guests.

Play a game with yourself and count how many times you have to click your mouse and how many forms you have to fill and how many pages you have to go over until you reach the finish line.

Over seven forms and over two pages? That’s too many. What you can, leave for their check-in. And make the rest of the reservation smarter.

4. Confirmation

Congratulations! The reservation just appeared in your system, and you can start preparing the room and services. It is also the first time you don’t have to fight for your customers.

Now you can offer the guest(s) additional services of your hotel, starting with transfer and, ideally, an e-book or offline version of your local city guide. Once the guest feels he/she won’t get lost, you can list all the other possibilities. Be it room upgrades, mattress and pillow choice, room service, sports or spa.

Make them feel they chose the right place to stay!

5. Before arrival

One or two days before travel, the guest will appreciate if you remind him of the best ways to get to your property – it may not be just your transfer, but city transportation or a pleasant walk from the train or bus station or a port as well.

Add the weather forecast, tips for exchanging money and great places to grab lunch or dinner on the way – or invite them to your restaurant with some special offer.

Bonus 6th tip: Use MyStay

It’s no surprise: Our mission is to make your guests happy. That’s why hotels on MyStay are focused not only on their amenities but on experiences travelers can enjoy. Learn more or contact us anytime for more information!