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3 Easy Ways to Offer Travelers Their Peace of Mind

MyStay editorial staff 2 minute read

How often do you go abroad to experiment and try new things as a traveler? Once, twice per year? And how often do you find current technologies not helping, but making a headache instead?

There are galaxies of things people are looking for when on vacation. Or when traveling business. One of them stands out: Expectations that everything will go smooth. It can’t be guaranteed, but there are three key ways to create a travelers’ peace of mind.

The first is to minimize entropy. That’s when you receive a lot of e-mails about your hotel stay, when you have to download several apps – each with a limited scope – or when you have to do paperwork at the reception or elsewhere. Choose the solution that connects all the dots in once.

The second way is to offer local knowledge. Arriving in an unknown city can be extremely stressing, so providing information about how the transportation system works, where to buy a local SIM card (and which), what time shops are open, how can one reach toilets while in the city or what is the best way to exchange money. These can be crucial to making the visitor calm and looking forward to the trip. Again, try to keep the information in one place, be it a PDF e-book or some smart app. 😉

Last, but not least, connect with travelers before they leave their hometown. Care about them not forgetting anything important for their trip, remind them of your country’s laws (do they need visas?) and send them your address. These are simple ways to create a positive bond, and you bring added value. By the way, the most reliable form are simple text messages – they are highly reliable and require no internet connection.

Of course, if you choose MyStay, you will be pretty much covered 🙂