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Global Relationship Platform for hotels and guests

100% GDPR compliant


MyStay provides a mobile website and smartphone app for better communication between hotels and guests.

Boost revenue and reviews before, during, and after each stay

Engage guests before arrival

Better than email, our welcome SMS achieves a +30% open rate and is the ideal platform to offer services, directions, or answer any questions pre-arrival.

Save time with pre-arrival check-in

Eliminate check-in wait and streamline the process for hotel staff with MyStay Passport and digital signature.

Increase ancillary revenue

Upsell transfers, spa, F&B and activities. Offer partner products and services.

Improved guest experience

Better data... Fewer negative reviews

Real-time alerts increase engagement and deliver better guest data than tired post-stay surveys. Enables staff to resolve guest issues before they become bad reviews.

Community engagement. Offline maps

Introduce guests to the surrounding community. Promote local partners more effectively and with greater flexibility than paper maps.

Remove language barriers

Offer guests hotel information and services in any language. Improved real-time communication with live chat translation.


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“We specified a list of common requirements for the group and MyStay managed the rollout to perfection. Each property’s marketing department creates and manages their own specials and promotions on its own, without having to send requests to IT.”

Peter Van Den Hul

Co-Owner Van der Valk Exclusief Hotel Chain