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How it Works - for hotel guests

Pre-stay: Guest books a hotel room

Welcome SMS

“We send SMS to incoming guests, allowing them to install MyStay mobile app.”

Mobile website

Premium version

Transfer to hotel

“Solving how to get to the hotel by taxi, car, find a parking place.”

Real Online Check In

“Saving time of guests and front desk using direct online check in.”

Stay: Guest checks in the hotel

Digital Door Key

Premium version

Realtime Ratings

“Catching bad reviews before they are published online.”

Hotel Service Order

“Upselling of hotel service brings you nice revenue by selling F&B”

Chat With Reception

“Online chat and offline messaging works with PC on front desk.”

Map - Nearby

“Guide guest nearby hotel and offer them partners like using paper maps.”

Tour Order - 3rd service

“Connect your partners and offer guests their tours and activities.”

Useful Info

“Basic information about your hotel services like WiFi password.”

Report Issue

“Get report of issue before next guest will complain.”

Post-stay: Guest checks out of the hotel

Real Online Check Out

Premium version

Good Bye SMS

Premium version

Lost & Found

Premium version

Voucher for future booking

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Get MyStay on your phone