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About us

Headquartered in Amsterdam with operation and development teams in Prague, MyStay is the first global relationship platform to blend smartphone apps and mobile websites for improved communication between hotels and guests. In 2016 MyStay began a cooperation with Van der Valk, the largest Dutch hotel chain that became an early investor in the company.

That same year, MyStay was chosen as the best “SmartCity and Living” startup from among 400 StartupBootCamp participants and set its focus on the global market with new scalable version of the award-winning platform.

Having carefully studied guest usage of more than 50 custom smartphone apps at different hotels throughout Europe, the hospitality experts and top developers at MyStay are proud to offer quintessential functionality in an elegant, intuitive, and customizable smartphone assistant that is the perfect choice for any hospitality organization.


  • 2017 - Named “Startup Of the Year” by the Czech Tourism Authority
  • 2016 - StartupBootCamp finalist and winner of “Smart City and Living” award
  • 2016 - UX design award winner
  • 2016 - “Get in the Ring” Finalist