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Using QR codes to boost your Upsell

MyStay editorial staff 4 minute read

 As the amount of information in the world is growing every day, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the necessary details at the right time. That’s why improved technologies that constantly facilitate access to information come to the rescue. QR codes can be found everywhere nowadays: on websites, packaging, business cards, on the streets and in print media. 

Health and Sanitation

What is a QR code?

QR (stands for Quick Response) codes look like a square barcode that is used as a way to store information on a machine-readable label. You can “sew” absolutely any data into the code: from a link to a site to a whole piece of text containing up to 4,296 characters or up to 7,089 digits. First of all, this is caring for smartphone users who can immediately read encrypted data using special applications that are already built into most modern smartphones.

Where did it come from?

QR coding technology appeared in Japan more than 25 years ago. It was developed by Denso and was originally intended for the automotive industry. Using QR codes has not always been so easy. 10 years ago paying for a purchase with their help took up to 17 seconds. It was hard to imagine that such slow technology could be effectively used every day on mobile devices.
Everything changed in 2003, when a Chinese company Inspiry invented a quick mechanism for reading QR codes. In 2005 Inspiry registered the national code standard and released the first mass application to read it, making China ultimately the biggest QR code using country in the world.

Which industries use QR codes?

Nowadays QR codes are an integral part of many industries. Statistics show, that over 8 million people daily use QR codes for various purposes. 

Receipts and tickets

Most often we see QR codes on store receipts. Their use is regulated by law: the code must contain information about the payment (unique identifier, amount and time of payment) and the data of the buyer, if he pays by card. 

Airline Industry

Those who travel by air often are used to scanning the QR code on their boarding pass, while passing through security or boarding a plane. This is only one of the uses of QR codes in aviation. By simply scanning a QR code you can get information about flight timetables or learn more about the airport you are in. 

Hotel industry was always inspired by airlines, so we at MyStay have made it extra easy for our clients to promote their accomodation with MyStay QR codes. MyStay generates a QR code for each of your nearby points, activities and services in our system. 

Are you a hotel manager? Do you know how to use QR codes in travel accommodations to promote your hotel services or amenities? Here are some tips:

Present your amenities

Print a pdf with a unique QR code that contains information about hotel rules and amenities and place it on reception. By scanning it, the guest will immediately know your checkout and breakfast time, cleaning policy or minibar prices. Basically, instead of taking a paper with all this information (that will definitely end up in a bin) or asking a receptionist again and again, your guest will bring everything he needs to know up to the room with him. 

Promote your services

Which of your services would you like to bring the most attention to? Late checkout? Wellness? Room service? By placing a QR code for a specific service directly in the room you pave a way for the customer to make a quick purchase. Moreover, you can change the codes according to the purpose of your guest’s stay. Transfer for a business traveler, a bottle of champagne for a couple or a late checkout for a group of friends.
MyStay Nearby section is also powered with QR codes that make it so much easier for the guest to download useful information right to their phone before exploring the city. As we mentioned, most of the smartphones are equipped with scanners and hundreds of guests globally are already appreciating this technology through MyStay.

Don’t be left out!