Get ready for new generation of guests

Get ready for new generation of guests

Digitalization comes fast with the new generation of guests arriving to apartments and hotels every day. They like to use mobile phones and love fast communication. How to engage with these guests in a way that suits them and also suits your needs? The talk of the town are communication platforms such as MyStay.

Paperless communication

The platform allows you to fit the services of receptionists into digital environment and engage with your guests as soon as they make a reservation and through their stay. MyStay utilizes email, SMS and soon also chat platforms such as Viber and WhatsApp for welcome messages. This means that right after booking you can welcome your guests, provide them with stay related information and offer them, for example, your hotel transfer.

You can also link directly to your hotel’s profile with smart catalogue or point guests to the MyStay app for smartphones so they have everything literally in their pocket – information, offers, map with points of interest, online check-in and many more.

Yes, with MyStay you can also skip the paper forms during check-in. With online check-in you get all the information in advance in a neat digital package. You can even connect your PMS with MyStay so all the data flows easily through one place.

Reach out and upsell

Everybody loves the free WiFi access. Use it to your advantage – set up your own WiFi page with additional information and either yours or 3rd party services and activities. This page is visible right after the guests connect to your WiFi so they can engage with it immediately. Fill your smart catalogue with as many offers as you like and just watch it go.

No more bad reviews

The easiest way to eliminate bad reviews is to solve guests’ issues right when they happen. You don’t have to wait until they come to the reception or cross fingers that they even tell you what’s wrong. Guests nowadays prefer quick, direct communication rather than calling the reception or coming personally. So the worst case scenario is you find out after they are already gone and the bad review appears on the internet.

There’s an easy fix for this: just turn on the chat option and let your guests ask questions or give feedback without leaving their room. Bingo! You now know what’s wrong and you can fix it in seconds. Phew, bad review averted.

Get it going for you

It doesn’t matter if your property is a small apartment or a large hotel – now you can enter your guests’ digital world before you would’ve eaten your lunch. Take it all or choose what works the best for you and MyStay will make a 5-star service simple.


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