What is the cost of MyStay?

The cost is 2 Euro / month / room. Additional discounts can be given based on the length of contract and number of properties for chains.

How much is the setup fee?

There is no setup fee. Our support teams prepare your hotel profile from information taken from your website and we complete it together.

What is the length of the contract? What are the cancellation terms?

The contract may be cancelled at any time after 90-days.

How much time will it take to create the hotel profile?

Our support teams do 90% of the preparation. All that is required is one hour to make any edits and complete your profile. And prior to rollout, we recommend an additional 30 to 60 minutes of best practice tutorials and training.

How long does integration take? When can our guests start to use MyStay?

Less than 2 weeks from signature to prepare your hotel profile and have you live. Everything is cloud-based. No downloads or integration is required.


How many different languagues are supported?

We recommend starting with English as the widely-spoken language of travel. After a few months, when your staff is comfortable using MyStay we can integrate as many other languages as you choose.

Can we add our own address pins to the map?

Of course. Adding address pins is a great way to introduce guests to your community and local partners.


Who owns the profile data?

Each hotel remains the owner of the content of its profile.

How much time does it take me to prepare my profile?

Our support teams do 90% of the work. We create the profile from data available online. We recommend about an hour together to complete the profile, make edits and validate. And once the profile is complete, we recommend a 30-minute online workshop to discuss best practice and ensure a smooth rollout.


How do we respond to chat messages?

Chat messages appear in the web browser in MyAdmin, where your staff can access all chat windows from current and previous converastions.

How are we notified about new messages?

Chat notification appears on the desktop at the front desk. And you will also recieve notification by email with a link to each chat conversation.


Do we have access to statistics? How can we track usage?

Reporting and usage statitistics are tracked and available in real-time in the administrative back-end, MyAdmin.

Does MyStay require additional software be installed at the front desk?

You may choose to download the MyStay Notification Center which notifies the Front desk when your guests send chat messages, make orders, or report issues. Installation is completed in 2 minutes time.

How should we promote MyStay to guests?

MyStay provides each hotel with a promotional package and guidelines for promoting MyStay to guests.


Where do placed orders go? How are they entered into the system?

Guest orders placed in the smartphone are listed in the MyAdmin system, where staff can track and modify status (PENDING, COMPLETED, CANCELED). The system also provides email notification to ensure prompt handling.


How do we send the SMS?

You simply export a CSV file containing the guest name and mobile telephone number from your CRS or PMS and upload it via the cloud into MyAdmin. The pre-configured SMS is sent automatically. The whole process takes fewer than a couple of minutes and most hotels ask their nightshift to do it.

Is there an additional per-SMS fee?

Each SMS costs 0,04 Euro. The monthly total depends on how many SMS you send to guests.

How many SMS can we send each month?

You can send an unlimited number of SMS. Each SMS is invoiced at a cost of 0,04 Euro.

Have a different question, or want to talk to us?

Have a different question, or want to talk to us?