Test MyStay on your phone right now

Test MyStay on your phone right now

Welcome SMS
Greet guests via automatic SMS with details about your property and their reservation integration
Connect your guest in 30 seconds with our unique integration.
Orders from Smart Catalogue
Offer special deals on services provided by your property or 3rd party directly to your guests.
Online pre-checkin
Front office gets immediate signed checkin form before guests arrive.
PMS integrations
MyStay is connected to many world known PMSs allowing us to connect to 100% of hotels clients.
Useful information
All the info needed for a quality stay in one place, always available.
Nearby points
Enhance guest experience by directing them to your secret top picks!
MyStay WiFi
Get your guests informed right after they connect to your wireless network in an unintrusive way.
WhatsApp and Messenger
Answer your guests' questions immediately by allowing them to chat with the reception.

Get the revenue from your free WiFi

As guests connect to your hotel wi-fi they are directed to your hotel offerings. Every time they get to see new, interesting things to do, have for dinner or experience.

MyStay for WiFi
MyStay for WiFi

Smart catalogue - Display 3rd party offers and your services in a smart catalogue and boost your profit.

Real-time Feedback - Eliminate bad reviews by communicating with your guests in real-time.

Reporting Issues - Enhance guest experience by solving any issues immediately.



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