7 tips for a perfect hotel offer

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So you have created amazing services for your guests that will make their experience in your hotel unforgettable, but what now? How do you present your offer in an appealing way? There are 8…

As a hotelier, it is important to remember why your guests are there. Whether on business or leisure, the hotel is a place to decompress from their hectic days in a place that they may not be too familiar with.

Relationships 101: The Hotel and the Guest

Maya Malekian
Maya Malekian

5 minute read

In hospitality, it cannot be emphasized enough: relationships matter. At the top of the hotels’ priorities is the guest. Needless to say, without the guest there isn’t a hotel. However, navigating…

Infographic: Accommodating the Modern Traveler with MyStay

Accommodating the Modern Traveler with MyStay

Maya Malekian
Maya Malekian

4 minute read

The modern traveler is as connected as ever before. Today’s travelers turn to their mobile devices for inspiration, recommendations, reviews and more via social media, review sites, and OTAs.

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