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A glimpse at a Post-COVID traveller

MyStay editorial staff 3 minute read

We all know that COVID-19 has brought an extraordinary decline for the hospitality industry. However with most of the world’s borders closed for some time, there will be a definite increase in demand for travel after the bans are lifted and it is safe for public to travel again. And, even though we predict the industry getting back to normal, the client won’t be the same. To hit the ground running after the crisis you need to adjust to the needs of a future traveller. And who is a post-COVID guest and what does he care about?  

Health and Sanitation

By far the biggest factor for the modern traveller will be definitely health and sanitation. People will be more cautious of the cleaning, disinfection and food prep processes post COVID-19. Preferences will shift towards hotels, which implement wide measures to keep their hotel up to health standards. Therefore, taking precautions and increasing the level of health and safety standards should be a priority. Use MyStay to create a dedicated Health&Safety page.

Clear Communication

Post-COVID travellers will be suspicious, so businesses have to earn their trust. Keeping your future guests informed about your policies will be a key to strong relationship. Through your website and pre-arrival communication, let your guests know about your unique safety precautions and flexible rebooking policies. Use these templates we prepared for you. Feeling of safety and being taken care of will be ones of the determining factors in assessing their post-COVID customer experience. 

Focus on Contactless

During this time people learn that even with minimal contact with others and inability to move freely, they can still get most of the services that they are looking for. This tendency is very much likely to stay after things go back to normal. Human contact will be very much avoided for some time, so it is up to you to make your hotel stand out by allowing contactless check-in, checkout, service orders and payments. Luckily, Mystay has you covered. (get Freemium now).

Adoption of Digital

With the spread of COVID-19 and quarantine measures implemented, more and more companies and people are adopting digital ways of working, making purchases and connecting to people.After the withdrawal of protective measures, most of the population will be used to the new ways of work and personal life and businesses should be prepared. A post-COVID guest would expect to order his services online (learn how to upsell using MyStay) from their mobile phone and be able to connect with staff using video call rather than physically. A client would expect the same level of innovation from their travel accommodation, as they get, for example, from their food providers.

Personalised Services

Another key determinant for a future traveller will be personalization. Those, whose experiences and services tailored specifically for each guest will dominate the travel market. 89% of global travellers are now ‘always, ‘often’ or ‘somewhat’ influenced by how well a product or service fits their needs and personality (source: GlobalData). 

Only those, who are focused on innovation and smart solutions will be able strive after the economic and social impact of the crisis. Therefore everyone in the hospitality has to look into the future optimistically and be ready to meet the travellers once the travel demand returns.